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​​​Maitland Shore
Trailer Park & Marina Resort

Park Rules & Regulation


1. As safety is a number one priority, all trailers must be equipped with working smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers. No unlicensed/uninsured person is allowed to work on propane systems. Each trailer owner must insure their unit for fire and liability and show proof of the policy at the start of each season.

2a.  RV owner(s) hereby acknowledge that the the use of the site is for recreational purposes only and the site may not be used as a permanent residency. This agreement may be renewed annually at the sole discretion of Maitland Shores  and upon payment in full of site user fees. The RV owner(s) acknowledge that at the date of this agreement the season at Maitland Shores  commences 15 April and ends 31 October. The RV owner(s) must vacate the site by 12 midnight on 31 October (end of season). The RV may remain on site provided all annual fees are paid in full and the seasonal deposit for the upcoming year is paid.

2b. Septic System: Proper use of the septic system must be followed. Do not put any diapers, sanitary products, cigarette butts, coffee grounds, food and the worst of all, cooking grease down the toilets or drains. Single ply toilet paper must be used. If your trailer has a holding tank, the proper chemicals must be used to break down the solids. Do not use chemicals that just deodorize. Please make sure your visitors are made aware of the proper usage of the septic system. As in any septic or sewage system, there is always the possibility of a back-up. For this reason we strongly recommend that you install an anti-backup sewer valve on any trailer that is not equipped with a holding tank. If your trailer has a holding tank, you should close all black water and grey water valves before leaving the park. This should prevent any back-up into your trailer. Maitland Shores Limited will not be held responsible for any damages caused by a sewage back-up as we cannot control what people put down the drains and toilets. Management does what we can to keep everything running properly but you, the customer, have to make sure to use the septic system properly. If you notice a problem, please notify management immediately so that we can remedy the situation.

 3. Full payment for the seasonal lot is due by May 1st. Customers are responsible for the entire lot fee once the season has started. No trailer shall be removed from the property until the lot fees have been paid in full. Late fees of 2% per month will apply to all outstanding accounts after May 1st.

4. A deposit of $500.00 is required from every site by October 31st to hold the lot for the following season. This deposit is non-refundable. Site fees can only be paid by cheque, cash, or debit. We do not accept credit cards.

 5. Motorcycles may enter the park with permission from management.

 6. Parking: 1 vehicle per site at any time. Additional vehicles may park free in designated parking area. DO NOT park on grass, fire lanes, or road ways.

 7. Children riding bicycles must obey the speed limits. Bikes are to be ridden on paths and roads only. Stay off other peoples lots. Do not ride bikes on docks.

 8. Speed limit throughout the park is 10 km/h. There are many young children playing. Please be careful and do not speed. Be aware of the dust created by your vehicle.

 9. Please do not climb, cut or deface trees. Ask management about removing branches etc. Never tie, nail, or screw anything to trees.

 10. Smoking Materials: PLEASE DO NOT throw cigarette butts or other such material on the ground.

 11. Absolutely NO setting off of fireworks in the park. Management provides fireworks displays on designated weekends.

 12. All household garbage must be bagged, tied, and placed in the garbage bin. The park is no longer responsible for recycling. If you wish to recyclable place items in a clear bag. You are responsible to place recycles at the road no later than Monday morning. Any other type of refuse such as tires, furniture, lumber, junk etc must be disposed of by you at the city dump. Fines will be imposed for illegal dumping.

 13. We love our fur-babies but only family friendly non-aggressive pets(dogs & cats) allowed. All pets must be on a leash at all times. Owners are responsible to clean up after pets immediately. Pets may swim at the boat ramp area. Do Not leave your dog unattended in your trailer if they continuously bark. Please obey NO PETS ALLOWED posted signs.

 14. Pool: The pool is unsupervised. Use at own risk. The pool is open only during daylight hours. Only proper swimwear (bathing suits) will be allowed in the pool. Persons must shower before entering the pool. NO food, drinks, cigarettes (smoking material), flotation devices, or toys allowed in pool area. Support rings and life jackets are the only exceptions. While in the pool/waterslide encloser, young children must be supervised at all times. Children 12 years of age and under must be accompanied by a parent or his/her agent who is not less than 16 years of age at all times.

 15. Waterslide: Use at own risk. The slide will only operate when staffed by Maitland Shores. All waterslide rules and regulations must be abided by.

 16. All add-a-rooms must be a prefabricated model. No other buildings are allowed except for decks. Plans must be approved by management and abide by local building codes. Only one shed per site is allowed. Storage sheds must be aluminium or vinyl and kept in good condition. Maximum shed size is 8'x10'.

 17. Lots must be kept neat and tidy. Grass must be cut and trimmed at all times. A fee will be charged if staff has to cut the grass. No unsightly clutter is allowed around or under your trailer or shed. Please remove any laundry that has been hung up once it has dried. Keep gravel driveways weed free.

 18. Golf Carts: All golf carts must be registered with the office along with proof of insurance. Persons under 16 years of age are not permitted to operate a golf cart on Maitland Shores  property at any time.

 19. Boats: All boats must be registered with the office along with proof of insurance. Boat launching and/or docking is done so at your own risk. Do not exceed 6km/h in the marina basin or river access. Seasonal trailer renters are allowed to store one boat only in the boat storage area. A space will be assigned to you. Please check with the office before parking boat. Maitland Shores  is not responsible for any damage and/or theft of boats or PWC.

 20. ATVs: All off-road vehicles including snowmobiles, dirt bikes, and childrens motorized toys are not permitted on the premises of Maitland Shores RV Park.

 21. Security Gates: Person(s) found damaging the barrier arms or gates will be held liable for the cost of replacing and/or fixing.

22. Persons under 19 years of age are not permitted to stay in/on an RV/boat without the owner being in attendance.

 23. Quiet Time: Quiet time is 11 pm to 8 am daily. Please have consideration for your neighbours. Excessive noise at any time will not be tolerated.

 24. Campfires: Campfires are allowed on your lot in an approved outdoor firepit. Campfires are allowed at the waterfront in the designated pits only. Only wood can be burned, please no garbage in accordance with Haldimand County Burn By-Law.

 25. All trailer sales must be approved by Maitland Shores management. A 5% commission will be charged on all sales regardless of who sells the trailer. All purchasers of trailers (if the trailer is not being removed from the premises) must be approved by management before the unit is sold. Any trailer coming into the park can be no more than 10 years old, must be in good condition, and have a holding tank. All trailers must be kept in good repair.

 26. Seasonal renters are allowed one small tent on their site for family visitors. Permission from the management must be granted to do so and will be limited to a pre-determined time limit. A daily visitor fee will apply. All tents must be taken down by 10 am.

 27. Visitors: Your site is rented to you, your spouse, and your children under the age of 19. All other people including grandchildren, family members, friends etc, are considered to be visitors. You, the trailer owner, must ensure that your guests are register.

 28. The operation of any business other than conducted by Maitland Shores Limited is strictly prohibited. This includes other companies doing sales, service calls, repairs, installing equipment, and the moving of trailers/boats/decks/sheds requires authorization from the management in advance. Companies must present certificate of insurance and WSIB to the Maitland Shores office in advance. Solicitation of any kind is strictly prohibited in the resort. All signage, other than that erected by Maitland Shores is prohibited.

 29. All park model trailers and decks must be fully skirted on all sides within one year. Privacy lattice or vinyl skirting may be used.

 30. Due to the limitations of the septic systems, please do not use or install any clothes washing machines, dryer or dish washing machines in trailers. Use the park provided facilities, or the laundromat in town.

 31. Off season: Off season is 1 November 2018 to 14 April 2019 inclusive. During these months the roads will not be maintained and power/water will be turned off. The park will be closed.

 32. Maitland Shores  will not be held responsible for any accidents or injuries, however caused, while you and your visitors are on the premises of Maitland Shores Trailer Park. You are responsible for you and your families safety. If you see something that needs our attention, please notify us. Management reserves the right to evict anyone not abiding by the rules and regulations. One warning will be issued. If the problems persist, the person or persons responsible will be asked to leave the property. Park fees are non-refundable

33 No camper allowed to go to parks machinary storage area/workshop area beside the boat storage. Please obey EMPLOYEES ONLY posted sign.

 All seasonal trailer owner(s) must sign a License to Occupy before.

 In case of emergency please call 911, send someone to main gate to direct emergency vehicles and notify park at


 Thank you for helping us keep a clean, safe environment.


Maitland Shores 
659 Port Maitland Rd
Dunnville, Ontario Site #_______________N1A 2W6
email: info@maitlandrv.ca
(HST #896957321)

Terms and Conditions: License for Occupancy



 Phone: Home____________________________ Cell_____________________________

 Vehicle Make________________ Model______________ Year______________ License_________________Vin___________________________________

 RV____________________________________Liability Slip________________________________

 Golf Cart:_____________________________ Liability Slip_________________________________

 Boat:__________________________________Liability Slip_________________________________

 Adults:__________ Children:__________ Pets:_________________________

 Site Fees:________________________________________________________

 I/We agree to lease from Maitland Shores Limited the above-described site on the terms and conditions set forth herein.
I/We agree to abide by the rules and regulation set forth by Maitland Shores Limited. I/We have read and received a copy of the said rules and regulations.

Owner(s)(Print Name)__________________________________Date:_______________________________


 Maitland Shores  Management

 Signature:____________________________________________ Date:_______________________________

 Terms and Conditions for Occupancy of Site

1. The term RV refers to all park models, travel trailers, 5th wheel, motor coaches, and/or any unit that Maitland Shores  chooses to accept on a site within their park/resort.

2. Site occupancy is conditional upon the registered RV owner(s) complying with the terms and conditions set forth herein. The RV owner(s) may occupy the site under the applicable by-laws as determined by the municipality in which the resort is located. The RV owner(s) hereby acknowledge that municipal laws may change, and may affect the number of days the RV owner(s) may occupy the site.

 3. RV owner(s) hereby acknowledge that the the use of the site is for recreational purposes only and the site may not be used as a permanent residency. This agreement may be renewed annually at the sole discretion of Maitland Shores  and upon payment in full of site user fees. The RV owner(s) acknowledge that at the date of this agreement the season at Maitland Shores  commences 15 April and ends 31 October. The RV owner(s) must vacate the site by 12 midnight on 31 October (end of season). The RV may remain on site provided all annual fees are paid in full and the seasonal deposit for the upcoming year is paid.

 4. It is the RV owner(s) sole responsibility to pay all fees on time. Maitland Shores  does not mail out bills or notices.

 5. The RV owner(s) must provide Maitland Shores  with a copy of a valid and current comprehensive insurance policy which includes a minimum of $1,000,000.00 third person liability.

 6. In the event of termination of occupancy by the RV owner(s) before seasons end, any unused portion of the seasonal site fees shall not be refunded to the RV owner(s). The site must be left in a condition satisfactory to Maitland Shores.

 7. The RV owner(s) agree this agreement shall remain in effect for the duration of the RV owners site occupancy at Maitland Shores  unless terminated in accordance with the following conditions:
(a)the destruction of Maitland Shores RV Park by fie, storm, and/or any other calamity
(b)any breach of this agreement, including the rules and regulations of Maitland Shores.
Should the agreement be terminated because of (a) and/or (b) no refund will be issued.

 8. Annual fees for the occupancy of the site shall include the use of all available resort facilities by the RV owner(s) and immediate family providing all applicable fees are paid .

 9. Maitland Shores  has the right to relocate the RV owner(s) RV to a comparable location in the event that such relocation has become necessary due resort decisions and/or emergency. At no cost to the RV owner(s).

 10. RV owner(s) may lend or rent their RV to a third party in accordance with Maitland Shores  policy. Any third party occupant(s) shall be subject to usage fees of the resort facilities. Third party occupant(s)are bound by resort rules and regulations and terms and conditions of site occupancy. Th RV owner(s) accepts responsibility for the actions of the third party occupant(s).

11. It is the RV owner(s) responsibility to be aware of all the rules and regulations of Maitland Shore